About Us

Entertainment Industry On Location Catering

Chef On Location has been proudly offering catering services for the Motion Picture and Production Industry for 30+ years. Our stellar reputation amongst individuals and businesses alike is based on the quality of our ingredients, originality and second-to-none taste of our food, and the professional and courteous manner in which our dedicated caterers treat both clients alike.


At Chef On Location, we understand that your production is only as successful as our ability to listen to your needs and provide a service that is unique to your crew.


When you trust Chef On Location to cater your production you are putting your crew in experienced and talented hands. We will handle everything from linen to the menu to suit your needs and that of your crew. An experienced chef is always present to ensure that everything is going according to plan and that last minute changes are taken care of.


We are passionate about food, and about each and every project that comes our way. We always take the time necessary to plan your meals thoroughly, to ensure your entire satisfaction. Each and every one of our clients gets the personalized attention that they deserve, because every single project we are trusted to cater is of the utmost importance. No project is too big for Chef On Location. We are happy to carry for 20, 50, or 500. Let us know if you have extras/background and or craft service whatever your needs, we are here to help.


If you are in need of catering services please do not hesitate to contact Chef On Location today. We will be happy to give you an estimate at your earliest convenience for your production.

Event Planning


  • Always consult a caterer as they know which food and drinks go well with each occasion.
  • Your event planner should be familiar with top vendors and be able to recommend trusted and reputable vendors.
  • When choosing a venue, make sure that the venue is the right size and has the appropriate facilities for your event.

Event Planning


Too Little or Too Much?

It can be challenging to figure out just how much food to cook for a big gathering. Most people tend to cook much more than is actually needed, which often means that a lot of food goes to waste. Chef On Location has years of experience cooking for both small and very large crowds and can help you make sure that every one of your guests is full without wasting a bite.